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Yesterday i came across a grass tech server. Yes, Grass!


You must know I love grass for many reasons, but there is always the cruel engine killer when you corner on grass, it feels like you are losing all your power if you steer left or right.


But check this out, a super drift technique when you jump to a grassy corner and need to activate the super turbo drift drive.... here it is on a complete turnaround.


Approach: jump of the ramp and steer right just when you are halfway the ramp.


Landing: try to get a 90 degree landing relative from where you came from, so turn you car into the air until you are turned perpendicular, facing the CP straight on. Then just BEFORE you hit the ground make sure you have speed+steer+brake pushed.


Follow Through: keep holding the brake and keep steering and you will shoot slide through the corner like you have never seen before. Let go of the brake when you kind of loose it and you will keep speed forward.


The first and second car use this technique and the last car is the old way of cornering grass. You see it can save you plenty seconds, its is an amazing slide. So bad, it looks like a bug


Have fun testing it. And if you know of a track with a grass 180 corner, let me know, because we can then kill the 1st dedi most probably with this technique.

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i checked this server out today and this technique is very fast... i was told it also works on dirt so it will be interesting to find out... but it definitely works on the grass... the difference between it and a normal slide is huge time and speed wise... and u-turns are very fast!

here's a replay of mine using the grass slide... it does work on tarmac and dirt as well... i've found a few situations where it can be faster than normal techniques... i don't know how to make videos of this so i will just post the replay... 



the first 2 slides i skip on the tarmac... the first one is too difficult to get very often and the second one is tough to do well... both are not much faster than the normal way... so i skipped them both... however, on the grass, the technique is obviously faster... i will post some replays of dirt sliding when i get them... 

Here is the video of Wild Freaks replay

here is an extract from an ATR Cup video showing NorRock executing a grass slide on dirt with kakashek taking a more conventional line

Nice videos mj, good examples from both of you.

thanks mj... i appreciate your efforts... 

ok... i found a grass slide that anyone can do... here's the replay and if you do 3 simple steps you will slide... 

watch the beginning of the replay... first you accelerate... after you leave the platform you need to turn left in the air... you will hit the tarmac below and be thrown of the tarmac towards the grass... while you are in the air hit your brake... at this time you will be holding all 3 buttons... when you hit the grass you will begin to slide immediately... you will pass through the cp and all you have to do is release the brake and turn at the same time to straighten out... let them go as soon as the road comes into vies and you will continue up the hill and a rate you won't believe possible... anyway... this is as close to an automatic slide as you will get... give it a try and see how it feels to slide... 


In video form - first at full speed then at half speed


Also seen in this video on a map from NDC 2011 (at 23 secs).

Ahh well driven by Rooby ^^


When I made that map (NDC Midnight in Paris) I had no clue that the grass slide would be used. At first, my reaction was negative seeing that being made in official matches and stuff... (and some players didn't even think that was possible, which made me even more pissed because I thought it was a hack or bug xD)

But in the end, I think it's just a matter of taking the risk and having control, because it's not the most hard thing to do at all, but for sure a beginner or even intermediate racers can't do that in a sequence, especially in official matches ^^

thanks for the video again...

something like this as the start of a track could be used to introduce the slide to dirt drivers... once they do it, they will like it... then track designers could start to incorporate it into their tracks as well... turns out there a a number of ways to set one up... from those usually annoying bumps in the road to rail bangs... do a search for grass slide... there are a few servers that specialize in sliding tracks... you can find a lot of different ideas for ways to create a slide... this might just be a glitch in the game but it's a fun one... and no easy matter... some are easy and some are very difficult... most likely unsuitable for rounds play... but the easier ones can certainly be used... both grass and dirt sliding... even tarmac but it's a much higher difficulty factor... i will post a few low speed  slides i've done when i find the tracks again. 

ok i have a few replays with low speed slides and one that's faster...







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